Chief Executive Officer at E.L.H.B consulting

Meet Edward Hausgen

Edward Hausgen

Edward Hausgen serves as the CEO for E.L.H.B. Consulting, advising small, mid-size, and up to Fortune 500 companies on sales and marketing practices that can bolster company performance and overall employee strategies going forward.

Edward grew up playing football and graduated from Madeira High School.  He was highly recruited Nation-wide to play D1 football, and ultimately decided on attending Clemson University for both the academic and athletic opportunities this school afforded him.  He graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business and Human Resource Development

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Born in Missouri, Edward grew up in Madeira, Ohio. Due to his success as a student athlete, he was highly recruited nation-wide to play D1 football. He ultimately decided to attend Clemson University and graduated with a Bachelor of …